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Visit KIMES BUSAN for Comforheal Wound Irrigation System of GHC Co., Ltd!
2022-09-26 view : 436

GHC was established in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do in October 2021 following its Hong Kong and US subsidiaries. Based on more than 15 years of experience and know-how, we are leading the innovation of the absorbent sanitary product industry and the continuous development of manufacturing technology, leading the market for medical hygiene products including incontinence.

GHC meets the needs of not only medical professionals but also general users by offering a diverse product portfolio.


As we established our Korean entity last year, we thought it’s important to bring up the awareness of our corporate as well as out brands and KIMES Busan will be a great opportunity to do so. We have developed the product called ‘Comforheal Wound Irrigation System’ innovatively decreases medical staff’s and patients’ discomfort and inefficiency, expected to have a refreshing impact on the medical supplies market in Korea.


Our products are of the highest quality, we look at disposable products as the best care a patient is treated. Our products protect and make patients and medical staff better and safer. Our ‘Comfortheal Wound Irrigation System’ creates a capsulated environment when irrigating wounds to prevent secondary infections and collected fluid after the wash is solidified for easy disposal.


Our background stems from our extensive partnership with nurses and medical staff in Vancouver, BC. Canada.

We have supplied to the largest public medical companies in the US, namely Medtronic, Cardinal Health, Medline among others.


We will be releasing ostomy cost effective liner in 2023.