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Only One LAB Co., Ltd. participates in KIMES Busan 2021 and introduces functional insoles
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- Target the export market with healthcare products

- Leading the healthcare industry by introducing new products such as Hallux Kids and Hallux Air


Only One LAB Co., Ltd. (http://oolab.info/), a representative startup company in Busan, will participate in the 2021 Busan Medical Device Exhibition(KIMES Busan 2021) held at BEXCO from October 29 to 31.


Only One Lab has planning to put its flagship product ‘Hallux Magic Insole’ on the front page. Hallux Magic Insole is a functional insole for people of all ages interested in health and those who have disease or dysfunction due to foot deformity. It is an ergonomic product that improves the strength of the foot through the flexible material and the performance of the air cushion inside. It contributes to the stability of the foot and ankle by forming a foot arch.


Only One Lab is knocking on the door of the healthcare market through this product, which has completed patent and PCT applications. Hallux Magic Insole is known to be in the spotlight of consumers in their 40s and 50s because it stably supports the foot arch. They expect the product to be well-received in overseas markets which have a great interest in Self-Medication.



As a new product, 'Hallux Kids' will be released on the market. The ‘Heel Guard’ gait guide technology holds the heel part to enable stable walking of children. Research and development on Hallux Kids are in progress. They are developing a product that has considered kinematic factors and a comfortable fit.


A company official said, “Currently, we have entered the global online market such as Amazon in the US and Qoo10 in Japan. We plan to expand sales by entering various overseas online marketplaces like China, Russia, and Europe. In addition, we plan to participate in the KIMES exhibition to promote products and brands to consumers through B2B sales. As a company specializing in smart healthcare R&D, we strive to become a company that leads global functional insoles market.”


KIMES, the largest medical equipment exhibition in Korea, is a regional specialized medical equipment exhibition covering Busan, Daegu, Ulsan, Gyeongbuk, and Gyeongnam. O2Lab will advertise its main product through ‘KIMES Busan 2021’ to local and global consumers.