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YOONDUK C&P CO,.LTD. SIGVARIS "compression stockings" Exhibit in KIMES Busan 2021
2021-10-14 view : 698





  We, YOONDUK C&P CO,.LTD. (President Y.G. Bae, www.sigvaris.co.kr) is an exclusive distributor of Sigvaris who is a leading manufacturer of “Compression stockings” in a world more than 157 years, and we have been supplying Sigvaris compression stockings for university hospitals and clinics, including online for consumers directly.


  SIGVARIS has the biggest market share in a world, and has obtained RAL Certificate which is the unique international quality standards for medical compression stockings, also has a variety of other international certificate and research materials.


  Sigvaris is a compression stockings brand made in Switzerland with 157 years of tradition that can be trusted and worn.


  Medical compression stockings are mainly used for varicose vein patients to improve blood circulation by applying a controlled and graduated compression at ankles, calves, and thighs. Furthermore SIGVARIS expands its field to provide support stockings, diabetic compression stockings, sports compression stockings, and arm sleeves. In addition, customized stockings that fit your legs perfectly can be produced by measuring the circumference and length of the legs. Because of the variety in both different colors and characteristics of each product, Sigvaris provides satisfaction services with discriminating products from the same industry.


  YOONDUK C&P CO,.LTD. plans to hold various programs at KIMES Busan 2021 that allow consumers to participate directly, including free size measurement and consulting, to create time for consumers to easily access compression stockings in their daily lives.


  If you were interested in compression stockings because your legs usually swell easily and have early symptoms of varicose veins, wearing SIGVARIS products will help prevent leg edema and varicose veins, said Y.G. Bae, CEO of YOONDUK C&P CO,.LTD.


  In addition, We will try to inform medical device officials and consumers of SIGVARIS excellent products and help many people, he said.