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nGarden to be unveiling a medical device applying AI at KIMES Busan 2021
2021-10-14 view : 469



Fig 1. OPS(Operation Planning System)


- Acquired Medical Device Item Approval for Class II ‘Operation Planning System’ applying AI

- Opening a new prospect for minimally invasive fracture surgery of orthopedic surgery


nGarden presents the related product at KIMES Busan Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2021) in Bexco Exhibition Center, Busan city during October 29~31, 2021. 


The product to be displayed at KIMES Busan 2021 is the Operation Planning System (OPS) to minimize radiation exposure for performing minimally invasive fracture surgery and to guide an insertion for a locking screw accurately as soon as possible. 


The OPS selected as a R&D project by Ministry of Science and ICT in 2020 and developed in cooperation with Kyungpook National University (KNU) Medical Device and Robot Institute of Park(MDRIP) for 2 years, and recently nGarden acquired GMP approval for the related product manufacturing and medical device item approval is preparing for driving a full-scale commercialization.       


For the exhibition, KIMES Busan 2021, a prototype of the OPS developed by nGarden and MDRIP in cooperation will be displayed, and a commercialized product is planned to unveil the market in 2022 after passing product usability evaluations and clinical tests. For this purpose, nGarden is carrying forward sales contracts with distributors for medical devices and searching various types of technical cooperation and business development such as collaborative research development and service plan about the OPS mounted product developed by nGarden through an alliance with a company developing a C-arm, which is medical image shooting device for an operation room.


Tony Hong, President at nGarden said “Currently Stereotaxic Navigation System for operations relies on imported products mostly, but we can contribute localization of Stereotaxic Navigation System for operations with the product developed jointly with KNU, and in the future, we have a plan to secure the technology and superiority of the product through acquiring new technology & product certificates etc. In addition, we will carve out new markets in cooperation with many companies as much as we can expand various industrial fields requiring technology to find and guide a certain position and direction as well as orthopedic operations by utilizing the core technology.  


Except medical devices, nGarden, which developed ‘BRAINPLAY’, complex cognitive rehabilitation system to perform light exercise and cognitive training as an elderly friendly product, is supply it to nationwide adult daycare centers etc. in Seoul, Gyeonggi and Busan etc. For ‘BRAINPLAY’, contents developed based on Korean Mini-Mental State Examination(K-MMS) has the best feature and the best feature is for several people who can perform physical exercise and cognitive training while play a game together to meet the characteristic of an adult daycare center.






Meanwhile, Korean biggest medical device specialized exhibition, KIMEX opens KIMES Busan 2021 as a regional special exhibition putting together Busan, Daegu, Ulsan, Gyeongbuk and Gyeongnam, and it is not only boosting a regional economy, but it is also absorbing growing global demands. This year nGarden is participating in KIMES for the first time, however, starting from showing the medical device for orthopedic surgery developed based on the core technology accumulated in the past through this exhibition, we will pioneer a new business in the medical field.