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QTT, Introduced the ‘Digital Oral Health Management, e.apo platform’ at KIMES Busan 2021
2021-10-13 view : 3399



  • Leading the digital dentistry industry with the core technology based on artificial intelligence


  QTT Co. (CEO Taeyeon Go) will participate in the Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show Exhibition (Hereinafter referred to as KIMES Busan 2021) held at the 2nd Exhibition hall of BEXCO from October 29th to 31st and introduce related products.


  KIMES Busan 2021 is a regionally specialized medical industry exhibition that includes Daegu, Ulsan, Gyeongbuk, and Gyeongnam centering on Busan. It exhibits and introduces various types of smart healthcare products, services such developing as Big data, IoT, BT, ICT etc., and provides opportunities to experience next-generation medical devices and healthcare products that respond to the future medical market.


  At this event, QTT Co. is planning to run a booth to introduce the digital oral health care platform, e.apo services consisting of e.apo mobile for AI mobile oral care solution, e.apo C&H for dental clinics and hospitals, and e.apo public for public institutions.




  e.apo mobile, the representative service of QTT, is the world’s first mobile artificial intelligence oral check-up system, and when you take a picture of the oral cavity just like taking a selfie with a smartphone, the AI analyzes and score the teeth and periodontal conditions. It is a smart oral care app that informs you whether you need to visit the dentist or not. As well as oral check-ups, it provides search & appointment for dentists, and dietary management features in order to enhance oral care convenience.


  e.apo C&H is a web-based service for dental clinics and hospitals that can reduce treatment time and efficiently manage customers by processing reservations and consultation requests received from e.apo mobile in real-time, and checking the results of pre-questionnaire and self oral check-up.


  e.apo public is a web-based service for public institutions for preventive oral care promotion for the public, education, health and other institutions.


  QTT, a digital dental care company, has secured more than 90 IPs (Intellectual property) including 24 domestic and foreign patents through continuous R&D and service advancement and has obtained the Minister of Science and ICT and GS’s first class certification, the nation’s top quality certification. In addition, in the Tech Credit Bureau (TCB) conducted by NICE D&B, QTT was awarded the T-3 grade, which is the highest grade, so the company was also selected as an excellent technology company as well as a family-friendly company, excellent venture company.


  Taeyeon Go, QTT’s CEO, said, “Through this exhibition, we plan to promote the excellence of technology as a digital healthcare service and actively promote to secure customers for B2B and B2C services. We will do our best to develop services to lead dental industry as a promising global company.”


  In the meantime, QTT collaborating with SoftBank, the world’s largest IT company, will be grandly launching an artificial intelligence self oral check-up service ‘e.apo mobile’ and a web-based service for dental clinics ‘e.apo C&H’ in Japan, November 2021.