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NICE MEDICA is participate in 2021 Kimes busan to showcase radiation shield products.
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NICE MEDICA will participate in 2021 Kimes busan to showcase radiation shield products.

(October 29th to 31st.)

NICE MEDICA will roducts scheduled to be displayed include X-ray Radiation Protection aprons and accessories (lead and lead free), and X-ray Radiation Protection Eyewear.


The main products are radiation protective aprons and accessories in 7 colors as follows and Each product has lead equivalency of 0.25mm, 0.35mm, and 0.5mmPb.

NICE MEDICA has been researching and producing radiation protection medical products to protect the human body from radiation since 2010. Thus, we have been able to replace them with domestic products in the Korean market, which relied on foreign imports.


Our main products are radiation protection aprons for X-ray surgeries or procedures and are used in the operating room, radiology, and nuclear-related parts.


Currently, as well as lead-based shielding materials, it has developed tungsten-based shielding materials that are much lighter than lead and is supplying them to domestic general hospitals and other small and medium-sized hospitals.


We have been exporting our lead and lead-free products to more than 30 countries and receiving excellent feedback from our customers. Our R & D investment accounts for more than 10% of annual sales, and our study will also continue.