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ASTERASYS unveils dual-type ‘Liftera’ in KIMES Busan 2021
2021-10-08 view : 497



  ‘ASTERASYS’ that provides smart healthcare solutions confirmed its participation in the upcoming ‘KIMES Busan2021’ held in BEXCO, Busan for 3 days from October 29th to 31st and revealed that it is going to unveil its main product, ‘Liftera’.


  Liftera that is going to be unveiled this time is a dual-type HIFU device, mounted with 2 types of applicators; line and pen type and it is characterized by the fact that dual application can be performed according to curved facial contours. It enables application according to the facial contours by using the same line type as the general HIFU procedure and a pen with 8mm radius.


  The pen-type in particular, can quickly irradiate 10Hz concentrated ultrasonic waves to the skin layer at a consistent depth, reducing procedure time and pain, ultimately enabling comfortable procedure and enabling a quick return to daily life. 


  An official from ASTERASYS stated that “With the advent of advanced medical services and smart medical devices, a new concept of medical service market is growing at an increasing speed. Amidst such, I’m extremely glad to participate in KIMES Busan 2021 where everything about smart healthcare can be experienced directly”. 


  The official then added by saying that “Through this exhibition, we would be able to promote Liftera eyebrow lifting that has been born based on concentrated technology and we will continuously engage in various activities so that it would position itself as a device leading K-beauty”.



  Meanwhile, KIMES Busan 2021, as Korea’s biggest exhibition specializing in medical devices, has been prepared to enhance national health, develop medical technology and revitalize industries related to medicine and hospital. As a regional, specialized medical industry covering the Gyeongsan region (including Daegu and Ulsan) centered on Busan, visitors would be able to access various information such as next-generation medical devices and healthcare products at a glance to respond to the future medical market.