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The new 2021 "SALFREE" will be unveiled for the first time at KIMES Busan 2021.
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-International patent application movement K-Pilates certified in Germany.

-2021's new product SALFREE. "Waking up sleeping muscles".


CRMEDI will participate in KIMES Busan 2021, which will be held at BEXCO, from October 29 to 31 and introduce the 2021 new product SALFREE for the first time in Korea.


CRMEDI is a function recovery movement research company that directly develops all-in-one function recovery organizations and programs based on sports medicine and holds international patents and certifications such as the United States and Germany.


It was planned as a global new product through mass production based on 13 years of industry-academic R/D (Yonsei University) and domestic and foreign field clinical achievements since its founding in 2008, and consists of K Pilates organizations and programs dedicated to functional recovery for the first time in Korea and abroad.


The 2021 new product SALFREE maximizes the advantages of underwater and oxygen-free exercise and has been upgraded to a compact size and ultra-simple function optimized for home training, which is emerging as a blue ocean market due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.


It is implemented in an ergonomic design by integrating the functions of 11 types of exercise and rehabilitation equipment, allowing more than 300 personalized exercise methods that can restore body functions only with simple patterns, while universal design allows men and women of all ages to use.



"No more hard workouts!"Salfree, a K-filates organization dedicated to restoring the functionality of the slogan ", implements a 3D spiral and diagonal free trajectory differentiated from conventional exercise equipment that implements a fixed trajectory in cross-section and straight lines, stimulating cooperative muscles not to fall asleep.


In addition, Salfree is expected to be well-received in the healthcare market as it has the characteristics of 3 (no power, no noise, no vibration), 3 gravity (no gravity, half-gravity, self-gravity), and 3 posture (lying down, sitting, and standing), and is highly advanced in sports medicine at home and abroad.


It is planning to introduce SALFREE for the first time through KIMES Busan 2021, Korea's largest medical device exhibition, to absorb not only domestic but also global demand. The Busan exhibition is expected to be an important opportunity to expand CRMEDI's position.