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Mcure promotes new technology & innovative products in KIMES Busan 2020
2020-10-16 view : 180

- Showcasing innovative products and never before seen technology


 A global innovative manufacturing company in the field of beauty and medical devices for skin care, Mcure Co., Ltd. (www.mcure.co.kr) moves forward to promote the latest cutting-edge technology and innovative products at the KIMES Busan Medical & Hospital Equipment Show 2020 exhibition in Busan, Korea to be held from October 23rd to the 25th.



 Mcure Co., Ltd. will display its diverse and highly recommended products such as :


1 AIRMESO : A multi functional air compressor type injector that focuses on Mesotherapy for scalp, face and body(Lipolysis) for breaking down fat in parts of the body.

1 AQUAPEN2 : A button free push switch injector that focuses on Mesotherapy with a highly convenient injection process.

1 AMTS2 : An auto MTS device that is capable of creating thousands of micro channels into the skin for enhanced absorption effects of the applied solution.


 Spreading throughout the global market and gaining popularity amongst customers, the products are well known for their excellence in quality and durability as well as impressive results keeping patients highly satisfied.


 In addition, Mcure Co., Ltd. will also exhibit TRIFILL, a next-generation drug injection device. TRIFILL, which was newly released after long research and development, is a new concept solution injector applied with patented state-of-the-art technology, and is expected to receive great attention in the aesthetic medical field due to its excellent effect.


 Meanwhile, KIMES boasts the largest scale enough to be recognized as a representative exhibition in Korea, and is receiving much attention not only domestically, but also worldwide. Mcure Co., Ltd. is growing by satisfying the needs of customers by introducing differentiated products and new products through KIMES every year. In the upcoming Busan KIMES exhibition, Mcure Co., Ltd. will once again showcase the latest technology to customers through new product exhibitions.