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Korea Smart City Healthcare Host Company Ronpick, Participated in KIMES Busan 2020
2020-10-14 view : 186


  • Selected as Busan Eco Delta Smart City Project
  • Targeting the domestic and overseas smart healthcare market
  • Emphasize market differentiation strategy by introducing various muscle function measurement and evaluation equipment

Smart healthcare company Ron Pick (https://www.ronfic.com) participates in the 2020 Busan Medical Equipment Show (hereinafter referred to as KIMES Busan 2020) held at BEXCO from October 23 to 25, and provides smart healthcare related products. Show off.


Ronpick plans to introduce its flagship products, FITVISOR MINIPLUS, and FITVISOR XIM, as muscle function measurement and evaluation equipment.



Isotonic, isokinetic, bidirectional isokinetic, isometric training available

Accurate muscle strength / velocity measurement


The measured 1RM value provides strength, endurance, and hypertrophy values ​​based on the ACSM (American Society for Sports Medicine)



Freely adjustable Eccentric/Concentric resistance & isokinetic


There are 7 muscle function tests and elasticity mode, damping mode, vibration mode


Auto save of training and measurement information



The biggest advantage of Ronpick is its fast update. Recently, an application linkage function has been added, and a new screen will be applied to enhance user convenience.


Based on robotics control technology, Ronfic Co., Ltd. develops and produces exercise robots system beyond simple exercise equipment.


Our goal is to go beyond the ROK market and grow into the world's No.1 high-end fitness equipment manExercise is basically hard and difficult, but it is an important human activity that must be done. We dream of a healthy world drawn by robots,

and will become the company responsible for human health through safer, more efficient and systematic exercise.


Slogan - we make tranining more objective.