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Wheel Line Provides Total Mobility Solutions in KIMES Busan 2020
2020-10-13 view : 173

- To target the mobility market in Busan and Yeongnam region in Korea

- Lead the industry by promoting new products FreeForm Back, NeoDynamic Cushion, and UNIX-1


The first and only company that manufactures custom-built everyday and sport wheelchairs for people with disability in Korea is excited to promote new mobility-related products at the KIMES Busan Medical & Hospital Equipment Show 2020 exhibition in Busan, Korea to be held from October 23rd to the 25th.


Active everyday and sport wheelchairs as of main products of Wheel Line Co., Ltd. will be displayed along with cutting-edge products such as FreeForm backrest, NeoDynamic cushion and UNIX-1.



Wheel Line Co., Ltd. has been striving to improve quality of life for people with physical disability by providing custom-built, lightweight, and affordable wheelchairs for both everyday life and sport & leisure activities. In general, 90% of people with disability acquire disability throughout the life because of car, sport and industrial accident, and disease, etc. In fact, people who just got disability can not imagine their livew after rehabilitation and discharging. However, nowadays many of people with disability can live their lives independently and actively with innovative rehabilitation products like active and sport wheelchairs. Wheel Line Co., Ltd. has seen many people getting back to their society, community, work, friends and family, and we are very proud of our wheelchairs that improve quality of life for people with physical disability.



FreeForm Back System comes from Canadian company Symmetric Design. Wheel Line Co., Ltd. is the exclusive distributor in Korea. People using wheelchairs tend to have some sort of scoliosis due to lack of trunk muscle or bad posture. As the name ‘FreeForm’ back system implies, back support can be transformed freely to support every individual with the modular custom seating. FreeForm has good features; allows for gradual corrective positioning of scoliosis, adapts to weight fluctuations, grows with the person. Shells can be either added or removed to be custom-built for individual. FreeForm system shares the same core value of custom-built with Wheel Line Co., Ltd.



NeoDynamic is pressure relieving cushions for wheelchair users. One of the worst complications for wheelchair user especially with Spinal Cord Injuries is pressure sore. Although pressure sores are well managed by each individual, NeoDynamic cushion relieve the worries of wheelchair users as the cushion disperse pressure by supporting coccyx bones to bottom well and circulates blood well. Soft polyurethane material provides comfort and anti-puncture.


FreeForm back system and NeoDynamic cushion are registered products of Korea Employment Agency for Persons with Disabiliies (KEAD). Korean workers with disabilities are eligible for these two new innovative products.



Wheel Line Co., Ltd. has been focusing on active and sport wheelchairs. However, as business expands and with a new vision of providing Total Mobility Solutions, UNIX-1 has been newly designed and will be promoted at the KIMES Busan. Moreover, UNIX-1 is specifically built for Long Term Care Service (LTCS) for the elderly, and have many convenient features for caregivers and family members such as swing footplate and sideguards, foldable back, personal assistant handle brake, and detachable rear wheels.


There are several distributors and dealers throughout the country and the first distributor was established in the Yeongnam region. Wheel Line Co., Ltd. looks forward to meeting new dealers and end-users at the KIMES Busan and introduces our new innovative products.