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Time for loupes to be customized for customers, CrystalOptic (SurgeLoup)
2020-09-23 view : 230


Korean medical microscope(a common name as Loupe) and professional head lamp company, Crystal Optic Inc. participates in the exhibition of 2020 Busan medical appliance(KIMES BUSAN 2020) held in BEXCO as SurgeLoup(www.surgeloup.com), the global brand, from October 23rd to October 25th.



Crystal Optic Inc. shows medical appliances for optics including SurgeLoup which is the representative product, LED light and CleaView etc. Many people are satisfied with the loupes because the loupes are customized for each customer individually and fitted to each person’s face shape with the specialized skill accumulated over 20 years. There are many choices of magnification; 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.3x, 3.8x, 5.0x. The optional LED light gets reviews to make eyes comfortable during the long time of operation because the light is similar to natural light.

In addition, newly released product ‘CleaView’ consists of 1.6x magnifying glass. Its magnifying power is a little bit low but it is lighter and easier to adapt than loupe. Its price is affordable so medical staffs can use the loupes, which makes higher quality of medical service to patients and professional image. Crystal Optic Inc. has participated in many exhibitions including KIMES BUSAN 2020 and foreign medical exhibition for development of medical field and associated business, which expands exporting countries and increases export rate, expecting to get good reviews.