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Yuwon Meditech, completed patent application for Vasoclip... Showing at KIMES Busan 2020
2020-09-16 view : 215

- Completed domestic patent registration and overseas patent application for Vassel registration clip

- Patent application is a preparation process for rapid entry into overseas markets and means that the technology has been recognized.


Yuwon Meditech Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of laparoscopic medical devices, has completed the application for overseas patents following the domestic patent registration for Vaso Clip, an endoscopic and vessel ligation clip.


This is a clip of ligating tissues such as blood vessels or other conduits , and is a product that stops blood from leaking blood by suturing the cut blood vessels or tissues using clips during surgery .


In addition, the product is a polymer locking ligation clip developed by improving the chronic problem of metallic hemostatic clips that is limited by deformation and are likely to be dislodged from the vessel during surgery or recovery.


This global patent application was filed with the PCT (Patent Cooperative Treaty) international application.

When using the PCT international application system, the date of patent application may be recognized by applying to the National Patent Office authorized by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) without applying individually for each country that has joined the Patent Cooperation Treaty.


Yuwon Meditech Co., Ltd. used a special structure developed  for the uniform force distribution on the entire inside of the leg of the clip, which required improvement in the existing polymer clip, to improve the ligation power and secure stability, as well as the ligation of the clip. It was manufactured so that no slip phenomenon occurs in the direction.


As the pressurization force applied to the blood vessels is uniform throughout the procedure, the operation time can be shortened as the pressure can be carried out quickly and accurately during the operation process.

And the  status can be maintained stably without the horizontal slip of the blood vessels, thereby reducing side effects of the operation.


Meanwhile, Yuwon Meditech Co., Ltd. (CEO Shin Young-soo), a manufacturer of laparoscopic medical devices, said Vaso clip, its vessel ligation clip, will speed up overseas exports through a series of overseas certifications, including domestic patents  registration and overseas patent applications, and will introduce all of its products at the KIMES 2020 in Busan in October.