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KOIBIC Co. to exhibit ‘Pain Block’, the Transcutaneous Electrical Modulation System for the scrambler therapy and new beauty devices
2020-08-18 view : 299

‘Pain Block’, Transcutaneous Electrical Modulation System for the scrambler therapy


KOIBIG Co.(President SeungKu Yu, www.koibig.com) will participate in the ‘2020 Busan Medical Device Exhibition(KIMES Busan 2020)’, which will be held at BEXCO in Busan for 3 days from October 23 to 25, 2020, to showcase the ‘Pain Block’, an Transcutaneous Electrical Modulation System for the scrambler therapy, and a beauty device using plasma and a cooling beauty device, a new product.


KOIBIG Co., a medical device development and manufacturing company, said it has developed the ‘Pain Block’ for non-surgical pain relief, which uses advanced NeuroScience Medical technology that is safe for the human body, and secured intellectual property rights.


The ‘Pain Block’ medical device developed by KOIBIG Co. is a new medical technology that attaches electrodes in pain-producing locations, and when the device is operated, it generates a painless signal with a smooth but strong output, which causes the patient to perceive the pain signal as painless. Based on this, KOIBIG Co. received an item authorization from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) for non-payment code MZ012 non-invasive painless signal therapy and completed the ISO 13485 certification to make inroads into the global market.


In Korea, more than 500,000 patients are suffering from cancer pain, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, complex area pain syndrome, and neurological disorder after shingles, and they have difficulty in even normal social activities due to frequent pain and frequent use of painkillers, leading to an uncontrollable vicious cycle of pain.

In particular, about 35 percent of these pain patients feel suicidal due to insomnia and depression, and the pain level is getting higher and they often rely on drug painkillers. This causes many side effects and severe pain can be caused by inserting a implantable drug injector into the body to control pain, which results in a decrease in the pain index during 10 treatments over two weeks with a 'Pain Block' medical device without relying on such surgery or drugs.


Beauty devices PLAJET(Left) and SONICool(Right)


KOIBIG Co.’s corporate research center has developed a skin care device using the latest plasma technology and a cooling ultrasound device and will continue to introduce new products.