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Man&tel participates and showcases rehabilitation equipment in KIMES BUSAN 2020
2020-06-30 view : 490


Man&tel which develops and manufactures medical rehabilitation equipment will participate in KIMES BUSAN 2020 to be held from October 23rd till 25th 2020 in the BEXCO and will show diversified range of products.


Man&tel will introduce Dreams Bike(DBT-100), Sliding balance trainer(MSBT-10), Upper limb rehabilitation robot trainer, (‘Camilo’, 3DBT-61) including automated balance inspection and training equipment, ‘ Balance Pro(SBT-330). We provide products composed of roadmap by the treatment steps and by body part such as ’Balance Pro’ avaible to perform balance evaluation and training, Dreams Bike helpful for muscle power strengthening and improving memory ability while driving the virtual reality street, ‘Sliding balance trainer’ available to do muscle power rehabilitation and exercise by hemiplegic lower limb patient or the elderly people and Upper limb rehabilitation robot trainer ‘ Camilo’ helpful for upper limb rehabilitation.


Balance Pro(SBT-330) Product Photographs (including right photo option)


In particular, Balance Pro (SBT-330), which is an automatic balance examination (Code FX731) product, is a popular item to the doctors such as otolaryngology, neurology, and rehabilitation medicine. It is a product with great interest from customers because it measures the balance ability through the sensor in the footplate, has the function of identifying the improvement of the body with accumulated inspection data, and has even the function of the rehabilitation training with various game contents.


Man&Tel’s step-by-step product lineup


Man&tel established as a venture firm in August 2000 is a specialized company for developing, manufacturing and sales of medical rehabilitation equipment, medical aids and exercise machines for the elderly people. Especially Man&tel has built portal system and line of program with which rehabilitation training can be performed step by step depending the condition of patient, and completed domestic certificates and registration of US FDA. Currently, they are supplied to university hospitals, dementia care centers and senior welfare centers including National Rehabilitation Center, exporting to 15 countries in the overseas.


Man&tel introduces rehabilitation equipment through KIMES every year, and grows with the positive responses of the users. In the coming KIMES BUSAN 2020, we will release Man&tel’s own products to showcase the latest technology to global buyers.